Monday, 10 October 2011

Working'!! - Episode 2

Thanks to its pre-airing of episode one, it's been over a month since I first checked out the opening episode of Working's second season - luckily, such gaps prove to be no problem when so little changes episode to episode within the series.

So it goes that this episode meanders this way and that as it goes about its merry-making, whether it's Yamada pining for some attention from Takanashi, or Inami pining for some attention from Takanashi... wait a second, I can see a theme developing here.

Then again, Inami seems quite happy with her lot with Takanashi, while a brief period of stalking Souma is soon put to an end before Yamada finds some brief happiness thanks to the return of Otoo.  Elsewhere, Taneshima hasn't quite got the hang of teasing Satou, while her attempts to play cupid aren't exactly much better.  Still, at least she can manage to look cute with a couple of flags stuck in her hair...

Despite continuing to play to the unique aspects of each character's personality, you can't deny a couple of things about Working'!! - one, it's pretty well animated, even when it's toying with its characters in super-deformed... err... form.  Secondly, no matter how generic its ideas get it still manages to throw out a decent number of laugh out loud moments most episodes, and this instalment was no different in this regard as a few one-liners, quips, stupid comments and facial expressions got me giggling.  This might not be a spectacular comedy par excellence, but it knows what its good at and manages to be fun even when it isn't being downright funny.

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