Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The World God Only Knows - Episode 8

Having mopped up Kanon's "loose soul" to close off that particular story arc last week, it's filler time again for The World God Only Knows as it hits its eighth episode.

While the series last filler effort proved to be an excellent and decidedly amusing affair that has proved to be a highlight of the series so far, sadly this time around we're left with a rather more mundane outing.  The story revolves around poor old Elsie's continued attempts to cook for her "divine" brother, with her devilish concoctions hardly currying favour with Keima, bringing with them a barrage of cutting remarks from our protagonist.

Elsie sees an opportunity to redeem herself courtesy of one of her school friends showing her a rather delicious looking cake recipe in a magazine, and so Elsie sets out to try and bake this cake for herself.  Needless to say, her rather unique take on the ingredients required and how to cook them causes chaos, bringing forth demonic monsters and all sorts as everything goes awry.

To add a little frisson to proceedings, we actually get to view this particular day's events from three different angles, starting with Elsie's take on things before viewing the story from Keima and finally his mother's viewpoints.  Of course, all of these angles of what went on add a little more to the overall story, but as the saying goes you can't polish a turd and there really wasn't anything to make this episode stand out as anything other than filler in the purest sense, with the arguable exception of yet another insert song for the series to boast.  Bring on the next story arc proper, and let's hope it duly arrives next week, as this particular instalment was utterly mediocre in both plot and execution.

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