Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The World God Only Knows - Episode 5

After a surprisingly successful filler episode which proved to be incredibly funny, episode five of The World God Only Knows resumes normal service by introducing a new story arc and thus a new girl.  This time around the girl in question in no less than a well-known and popular idol, who goes by the name of Kanon Nakagawa.

Of course, it just so happens that Kanon is not only a student at the same school as Keima, but also in the same class - convenient, huh?  While Elsie becomes a huge fan of Kanon's, Katsuragi is (as expected) not impressed at all, explaining at length just why his two-dimensional "game idols" are superior to anything the real world can offer.

The trouble is, when Kanon accidentally meets Keima and discovers he doesn't have a clue who she is, she doesn't exactly take it well, making far from judicious use of a Taser to teach him a lesson which, Keima being Keima, he still doesn't get.  As it's revealed that Nakagawa is the next "loose soul" on Katsuragi's hit list, so we enter an unusual state of affairs, with Kanon working hard to impress Keima in the hope of him accepting her as an idol, while Keima himself sees this ploy (correctly or otherwise) as nothing but a trap and thus proceeds to ignore the whole thing.

To be honest, much like Keima's reaction to Kanon, I've found myself feeling pretty indifferent to the opening episode of this story arc - even ignoring the implausibility of certain aspects of it (which I can accept given the subject matter of the series as a whole), there was nothing that grabbed me in the way this arc has been set up.  That said, there is potential to it, and the ending and suggestions of something of a "history" for Kanon makes things interesting, but the story is going to have to make the most of points like that if it wants to win me over.  Hopefully the next episode can do just that to life me from the state of apathy brought about by this instalment.

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