Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The World God Only Knows - Episode 7

After setting up this current story arc's "final event" with Kanon going missing before her big concert last episode, it was inevitable that a not inconsiderable chunk of this latest instalment would be devoted to Keima finding her.

Before that however, we're treated to a flashback from Kanon's time with her former group Citron, before flashing back forward to the cause of her sudden disappearance - an intense bout of self-doubt about whether she can make it through the concert without messing up, leaving her in abject fear of being abandoned by everybody and left alone.  So, she takes off into the evening, causing mass panic amongst her staff as Keima and Elsie race around randomly trying to find her, only to remember that Elsie can scan for Loose Souls easily once enough of the episode has been wasted on their fruitless search.

Eventually then, finding Kanon is easy enough, and capturing her Loose Soul doesn't look like it will be much more difficult.  Surprisingly though, Keima turns down the opportunity to get the job done easily, refusing her advances on account of her needing someone to recognise and support her and (quite rightly) telling her than she should have the confidence to live life for herself without worrying about others seeing and listening to her.  Coupled with her realisation that she's succeeded as an idol all on her own, Kanon sees the light as shown to her by Keima - a revelation that almost looks as though it's blown his chance of "conquering" her, but of course all's well that ends well as Kanon makes it to her concert while Keima succeeds in this latest quest to bring this story arc to a close.

Compared to everything that has gone before, it has to be said that this was easily the best animated episode of The World God Only Knows we've seen yet, coupled with the most accomplished direction we've seen so far to boot.  This alone managed to lift the episode, if only slightly, beyond the mediocre to make something a bit more touching which also flowed rather well in terms of its story.  Top it all off with Keima actually doing something more than acting like an ass and you have an ultimately satisfying episode - Hell, I almost feel like I owe the guy an apology after slating him last episode, only for him to "man up" somewhat this week.  Still, I'm sure he'll be back to his same old self by the next episode, but it just goes to show what a little human compassion can do to make a lead male character feel way more likeable.

Anyhow, this was a much improved end to an okay but far from magnificent story arc, which gave it a much needed boost while also enhancing my enjoyment of the series quite nicely.  If only every episode of The World God Only Knows had been this polished.

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