Friday, 5 November 2010

Amagami SS - Episode 18

Rihoko Sakurai set out her not inconsiderable stall (I said stall, not rack, you perverts) as my favourite Amagami SS in the first episode of her story arc last time around - that said, it would have been nice if they'd achieved a little more with this latest instalment of said arc...

After Kanae succeeded in setting up a skating "date" involving Tachibana and Sakurai, this instalment kicks off with that visit to a local skating rink, bringing with it the inevitable inability of Rihoko to skate and a moment where she falls and gets her boobs inadvertently groped by Junichi.  So, that's mission accomplished for Kanae this time around, but what's next on the chart for our fledgling soon to be couple?

The answer comes predictably via the school festival which has occupied every story arc so far, with Junichi getting roped into helping out at the Tea Club which Rihoko is a member of by her seniors, who also appear to have fathomed out Rihoko's feelings for her childhood friend - in fact, it seems as though Tachibana is the only one who hasn't realised what's going on at this juncture.  So, Junichi gets to hang out with Rihoko (kitted out in her kimono) for the duration of the Founder's Festival, bringing the two closer still with the latter giving the former a Christmas present that isn't reciprocated, leaving Rihoko to choose whatever present she likes from Junichi whenever she wants.  You can probably see where that part of the story is headed if nothing else.

Aside from a couple of truly funny moments (both involving breast substitutes of some shape or form, be it a meat bun or snow), this was a rather lacklustre episode which didn't seem to have anything of note to cover, instead just going through the motions via some predictable scenes and conversations that didn't really add anything to either the story or Rihoko's character.  At least, not unless those meat buns count... Anyway, hopefully the next episode will find something more to say or do, although this being Amagami SS no doubt it will be something decidedly weird, so maybe I should be careful what I wish for.

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