Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Arakawa Under the Bridge x2 - Episode 8

Judging by Arakawa Under the Bridge x2's "clock", we're due a serious episode of the show this week... well, at least as close as this series can claim to come to being "serious" at least.

This particular episode is driven entirely by the reappearance of Amazoness, as she turns up announced at Ric's outdoor classroom to indulge in her own unique blend of silly schoolgirl behaviour coupled with her decidedly... well... unfeminine look.  While Ric is thrilled to see that he didn't dream up his first appearance with her in a moment of madness, any such relief is soon turned to dread as Amazoness confesses to him, before pointing out that he already has a girlfriend leaves her in tears.

Still, it looks as though all is well once again in Ric's world despite Amazoness insisting on coming to his school despite her rejection... at least, it appears to be well until Amazoness' Tengu manage to hypnotise Ric into falling for her "unique" and (ahem) "delicate" charms.  Before he knows it, as despite P-ko's best efforts to keep Nino in the picture, Ric has married Amazoness, standing Nino up for a date in the process before asking to break with her.  It probably doesn't take much of a leap to figure out how Nino reacts to this, demonstrating an impressive violent streak before setting out on a decidedly childish game of proving who loves Ric more with the Amazoness.  Oddly, it's left to Star to choose whether or not to take up the mantle of hero of the day, although it seems that Ric beats him to it by breaking out of his hypnosis via his own will to return relative normality to the world.

While this episode is clearly a case of mission accomplished in demonstrating Nino's feelings for Ric (and vice versa), it also held up extremely well in the comedy stakes - the Amazoness is built for comedy (and for hauling heavy goods vehicles, but I digress) and building this particular scenario around her was frequently funny without even trying too hard as she texted, flirted and acted like a delicate schoolgirl despite the obvious, while still showing some genuine emotional frailties to boot.  Nino didn't allow her new love rival to steal the show though, courtesy of a few great moments before her wonderful misunderstanding of what marriage it all about - having been married myself, I have to say I prefer the sound of Nino's version.

So, we're left with an episode that told its story, developed a number of its characters, and managed to be both funny and entertaining throughout.  Good work Arakawa Under the Bridge, as per usual for the series these days.

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