Friday, 12 November 2010

Amagami SS - Episode 19

The Founder's Festival might be over (again), but Rihoko's arc rolls on (that wasn't me making a fat joke by the way) - not that it really has all that much of note to bring us, if I'm quite honest.

Still, if nothing else Junichi seems to have become quite popular with the other members of the tea club, and indeed he seems to be rather enjoying the club himself as he becomes quite the tea addict, seemingly giving the soon to be departed club members a legacy beyond leaving Rihoko on her own.  With Christmas in full swing, Rihoko finally plucks up the courage to ask for her present in return for the gloves she gave Tachibana last episode - that being a shrine visit with him at New Year.  Junichi agrees without a second though, so the date is set.  Come the big night however, any excitement soon turns into Junichi, Rihoko and Miya dozing off before even seeing in the New Year, leaving them to visit the (now pretty much deserted) shrine the next morning instead.  Of course, Rihoko leaves behind a wish that Junichi will realise her feelings for him, but will it ever happen?  Well, that's what the next episode is for, I guess.

Really, I'm almost entirely stumped for what to say about this episode of Amagami SS - let's be honest, nothing happened to the extent where it makes an episode of Hidamari Sketch feel action-packed.  What this leaves us with is a bunch of jokes at the expense of Rihoko's appetite, some Miya fan service, and nothing much else to speak of - Hell, even the usually highly anticipated per-arc moment of perversion was only Rihoko's biting Junichi's finger (that really hurts too.  Don't ask how I know), to which he should probably feel fortunate she didn't devour him whole the way this show plays on her eating habits.  Oh well, I still like Rihoko and her dynamic with Junichi which keeps things vaguely fun for me, but this is certainly the dullest story arc of Amagami SS thus far once you discount its shining beacon of niceness in the form of its main female focus.

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