Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The World God Only Knows - Episode 6

After introducing us to up and coming idol Kanon last episode, it's time for Keima to start strutting his stuff and seeing what makes her tick so that he can "conquer" her... something which didn't seem all that well served by falling asleep while she performed a song for him at the end of the last episode.

Although Keima's apathetic attitude only seems to make Kanon's demeanour worse as she all-but disappears with nobody to admire her, it turns out that this is all part of Keima's plan in trying to get her to reveal whatever is troubling her to give him something to go by.  As this doesn't succeed correctly, it's left to Elsie to do a little more digging into what is known about Kanon in the hope of finding a clue; something which Keima eventually succeeds in doing once a little more of Kanon's "back story" is revealed.

In essence, Kanon's problem is one of loneliness - despite her popularity and all of those fans, she's always found herself shunned by classmates at school (because of her fame and busy schedule, I suppose) and without anyone to talk to.  Thus, Keima somehow becomes the preferred outlet for this loneliness, and once he responds to her he's inundated with requests for him to listen to her every problem - to call her "high maintenance" would be an understatement.  So, it appears as though Keima has won as Kanon reaches the day of her big concert.. or has he?  Our protagonist instinctively knows that something is up, which proves to be correct as Kanon goes missing.

Although this episode's well-placed plot progression kept things ticking along quite smoothly, I still can't really pretend that it was a stellar instalment - something just doesn't really mesh with regard to Kanon's story, making it feel a little clunky and clumsy as it staggers around trying to fit itself into Keima's plotting and planning.  That brings me to Keima himself, who I still find very hard to like - as much as I love his logical brain I can't stand the way he treats the girls he's tasked with winning over, regardless of the fact that it's only his job.  There's something rather unsettling about seeing him treat these girls like a piece of meat which isn't quite made up for by him acting embarrassed or bashful around them at times, and it's threatening to spoil this series for me somewhat.

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