Friday, 12 November 2010

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt - Episode 7

Before we start this entry, a quick note about me - I'm a huge fan of Transformers.  Not the Michael Bay abominations of recent years, but rather the proper Transformers cartoon, comic and toys.

With that in mind, the first half of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt's seventh episode was clearly made for me, as two asteroids land on Earth in the midst of some usual arguing between our two titular characters.  One daft (and admittedly quite funny) little plot twist later, and Panty and Stocking have transformed into obvious parodies of Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively - after transforming their bedroom furniture into respective robots, they set about continuing their rivalry in a number of pitched battles a la the Transformers cartoon.  Of course, the original robots that set this chain of events in motion turn out to be a Ghost, finally snapping Panty and Stocking out of their robotic reverie to do something about it.

There was probably a second half to this episode too, but who cares, let me wallow in my enjoyment of a Transformers parody in a 2010 vintage anime....

What's that, I have to cover the second half of this episode?  Oh, okay then... for the second chunk of episode seven, Garterbelt finally reaches the end of his tether with regard to Panty and Stocking's extravagant living habits, causing them to declare that they're prepared to go off and earn $3 million in three days.  Needless to say, they try to do this via a variety of jobs which end in utter failure (although most of them were sexy failures, it has to be said), before realising that the casino is the easiest way to earn some dough when you have the luck of an angel.  Things aren't quite that simple however, as we soon get to find out just who the duo running this casino are behind the scenes...

Although the second half of this episode quite rightly brought back Scanty and Kneesocks after last week's episode (and threw in some fun little references to a global financial crisis and the like), this was all about the Transformers parody for me, a loving take on that kid's favourite of yesteryear that was absolutely perfect in every way from immediately trashing the robots from the new movies through to its character designs which blatantly ripped on all the old favourites from the 1980s cartoon.  Everything was perfect about this almost affectionate nod towards the show, complete with laser battles that perfectly captured the ridiculous in hindsight fights of the cartoon, the eyecatches between scenes and moments that were clearly created with Transformers: The Movie in mind.  Those who have never seen the original series will probably be lost, but for me it was an absolute riot which makes this probably my favourite episode so far.  It's a very personal reason to love something so much, but who cares?

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