Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Kanamemo (Completed)

Here's another series that I've been watching alongside my normal 'blogging viewing with a view to a review of the entire series - This time around the subject of my thoughts is slice of life comedy anime (or underage girl groped by an older woman anime, if you prefer) Kanamemo.

You can click the link below for the series review in full.


Anonymous said...

brocken link

Unknown said...

For me, Kanamemo and Puni Puni Poemi are both nines, not the sixes you give them. And this show is much funnier -- and emotionally deeper -- than either AzuDai or Hidamari, for me.

Unknown said...

The 6/10 is just about right for me. I definitely don't think it's as funny as AzuDai, and I didn't buy the attempts at more serious introspection for one second. It was a pleasant watch, but completely forgettable.