Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hetalia Axis Powers - Episode 35

It's time for a G8 summit as we join this latest instalment of Hetalia: Axis Powers... but wait, someone is missing! Who could it be? And who is that weak guy who looks a bit like America?

The country in question is, of course, poor old Canada, a country who finds that even its "pet" bear can't remember who it is, yet a country who equally finds itself getting mistaken for America and bullied by the latter's enemies on a regular basis.

Away from all that, we also see the reasons behind the birth of the modern Olympics... Apparently, it's something to do with France wanting to see lots of naked men running and jumping around. Umm, okay.

Overall, this wasn't the funniest episode of Hetalia by any means, but oh well.. Thank goodness it's only five minutes of my day lost.

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