Sunday, 6 September 2009

CANAAN - Episode 10

The last episode of CANAAN finally seemed to point this series in the right direction, and with some suitably intriguing encounters ahead; encounters which begin to bear fruit as we progress through this tenth instalment of the series.

As the group reach the research lab which was the destination for their journey, so we find that Canaan's injuries in the last episode appear to have allowed her powers of synaesthesia to return - Rather conveniently I must admit, but not a moment too soon, as our intrepid bunch (minus Maria and Yun-Yun, who are left behind at the car) find themselves attacked by zombies. Okay, so they're "Unbloom" in official series parlance, but let's not beat about the bush here and call them zombies.

The appearance of these undead entities cause Hakko to run off, while Santana also splits off from the others - Two decisions which manoeuvre this pair right into the clutches of Liang Qi, who expertly plays the two off against one another to disastrous and tragic results, which in turn threaten the life of Canaan. Speaking of Canaan (or should that be Canaans, plural?), Maria and Yun-Yun's decision to do some investigation of their own leads to a shocking discovery - A discovery which it appears that other parties also hold more than a little interest in.

If I'm honest, for the first half of this episode I started to worry that CANAAN was going to bite off more than it could chew and take off in too many directions at once again, but thankfully my concerns were necessary as those disparate threads were soon reigned in and brought back under control quite expertly by a plot that really does seem to know where it's headed now. I can't say that it's the most gripping action/adventure anime of all time by any stretch of the imagination, but it does at least hold enough interest and intrigue (and some quality animation to boot) to hold my interest enough to see it through to the end, and Canaan herself is slowly being melded from her originally lifeless yet kick-ass character into someone altogether more watchable in her own right.

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