Friday, 18 September 2009

Aoi Hana (Completed)

This is something a little different from my usual episodic 'blogging, but I figured I'd link to it as it's still a new series that just finished airing in Japan so it seems relevant to the remit of this place. As this season is ramping down, and with it the number of shows I need to watch here is going a little quiet for a couple of weeks, I'm finding myself with time to revisit some of the series which are legally streaming in the UK via Crunchyroll from this season, but that I didn't have chance to watch on an episode-per-episode basis at the time, to review over at UK Anime.

The first such series along those lines is Aoi Hana; not the kind of thing I'd typically consider watching, but I like to stretch the boundaries of my interests from time to time and truth be told I'm rather glad I did in the end. Anyhow, click the link below for my review of the series in full.

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