Saturday, 26 September 2009

Basquash! - Episode 24

Come the end of the previous of Basquash!, things weren't looking to good for the world this series had created, withe Earthdash and Mooneyes moving ever closer to colliding, and Dan left unconscious with little sign of revival. What to do in such a Doomsday scenario?

As far as Slash and Mooneyes goes, the obvious answer is to carry on looking for a legend without Dan, introducing the Legend League (which inclues the re-emergence of Iceman Hotty) to try and find somebody capable of stopping the calamity which has already annihilated numerous cities and towns on Earthdash.

Meanwhile, Dan is cared for as both Team Basquash and Eclipse head for the ruins of the legends of times past; while Rouge does her part to look out for Dan, it's Mizuki who takes more affirmative action, which ends up reviving him - and not a moment too soon, bringing forth some hope with just a couple of episodes of this series to go.

As we reach that final straight, I think it's fair to say that this series has developed a lot of the typical facets of a Shōji Kawamori series, with music taking an important role within the development of the plot while Dan's legendary status bears more than a passing resemblance to the "destinies" of Macross pilots of years past. To be fair, this all comes together reasonably well within this particular episode, fitting in nicely to the tension and worry of two worlds about to come to an apocalyptic end and finally giving us the possibility of seeing Dan and company on Mooneyes in the very near future. I'm still not convinced by the direction this series has taken from its early episodes (as I'm sure I've already mentioned plenty of times before), but at least there's still hope for a decent ending, with this instalment proving to be mysterious in its spirituality yet generally quite pleasing to watch.

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