Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Basquash! - Episode 22

Basquash! has been building up to the reunion of Dan with Rouge for some time now, and thus it's no surprise given the events of the last instalment that this latest episode finally sees that reunion take place, albeit not quite in the happy and fantastic fashion that Dan was probably expecting.

Put simply (and unsurprisingly if you've been following the series and her "upgrade") Rouge doesn't even remember who Dan is, and rather than explain to him the other members of Eclipse simply shoo him away, although not before Citron has left a note urging Dan to gatecrash Eclipse's final concert that evening.

Of course, Dan isn't the kind of guy to think twice about this kind of invitation, and so it goes that Dan, "Alan" and Sela hijack the show, turning into a game of Basquash against Eclipse - A state of affairs that sees Rouge's memories return, while seemingly proving Dan's status as the true legend that people had been hoping for - But was he really only lured there to confirm his legendary place in the world? It appears not if this episode's cliffhanger is anything to go by.

No matter how much Basquash!has drifted all over the place as a series these past few months, I have to admit that this was a pretty good episode. It was very well paced, balanced the progress of the story against the action side of things perfectly, and just generally slotted everything together well in a very pleasing fashion right up to that shocking climax. It isn't enough to turn Basquash! into a legend in its own right perhaps (and let's face it, it's no Macross), but if the final handful of episodes can keep up this kind of quality then it could at least make for a reasonably compelling and enjoyable finale.

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