Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Hetalia Axis Powers - Episode 34

Episode thirty-four of Hetalia: Axis Powers brings us quite a mixed medley of humour and joviality this time around, starting off with Italy admiring his "combat career" so far - Certainly, there seemed to be many major conquests on show, more than you might expect from Italy that's for sure...

From there, we get to see Germany taking a break in Italy (where his attempts to blend in really don't go to plan at all... at least, not if you're an Italian greengrocer anyhow), Japan offers up some Axis-themed bentou (which is great unless you're Germany) before inadvertently creating a dish better than even the might of an English stew (impossible in reality, I know), and America gets to show off his "fabulous" drawing skills.

Following on from that pretty decent last episode of Hetalia, this latest episode also seems to continue the show's upward swing in terms of humour and comedy, once again raising a few smiles from me after so many rather tepid weeks when there wasn't all that much to enjoy. Long may in continue is all I can say on that count really.

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