Monday, 26 January 2009

White Album - Episode 4

If you're trying to compile a list of "reasons why Touya is useless" (and goodness knows you could make a hefty tome from it), it appears that you can now add "time-keeping" and "organisational skills" to that list, although to be fair it isn't perhaps entirely his fault.

After the on-off nature of his and Yuki's Saturday date, Touya ends up getting a phone call in the early hours of the morning from Rina, telling him that he needs to meet Yuki earlier, and in a different place. Of course, this all gets mangle in what passes for a brain in Touya's case, and he ends up in all of the wrong places at all the wrong times, running one way while Yuki goes another as they end up missing one another by minutes on numerous occasions. In the meantime, Touya bumps into (quite literally) a rather odd girl with an impressive line in metaphor, as well as an equally impressive ability to label Touya a pervert within seconds.

In the end, Yuki and Touya do finally get to meet, and Yuki tells Touya half of her secret at last. Yuki then asks Touya to walk her home to her nearby apartment, then invites him in so that they can discuss the latest knitting patterns. Probably.

Anyhow, once again it's Rina who steals the show despite her brief appearances in this episode, as yet again on the surface it appears that she's doing everything in her power to help out Yuki, while there's also obviously far more to it than that, as she attempts to "steal" Touya for a little before his date with Yuki, a plan which goes awry on account of the aforementioned mush that Touya carries around inside his skull. I'm still really not too sure what Rina's interest in this whole situation is... Is she genuinely interested in Touya as a person, or simply as a plaything, or even as a way to get at Yuki emotionally? Is this whole plot a wait of ensuring Yuki's career suffers, keeping Rina in the number one idol spot she currently occupies? There are plenty of questions to be answered here about her behaviour, and it's this above all else that is keeping me glued to White Album - Roll on episode five.


Mentar said...

Why does everyone seem to think that Rina has malicious intentions on Yuki? ^_^;

Heck, she's wasting an entire saturday afternoon to free Yuki up for her date. And she's briefly considering "Yuki should be okay with me borrowing him for an hour" - why would she do that if she was out to harm her?

Anonymous said...

Because the people know about the game. So they assume something like that.

Hanners said...

Well, I haven't played (or read about) the game - I guess I just don't trust beautiful women any more. ;)

I guess I've just noted how a lot of Rina's help towards Yuki has also kept Yuki away from her new career, which could potentially benefit Rina, and besides, why would she want to borrow Touya anyway?

Mentar said...

Well, true I guess - but then again, so far all scenes which have been shown between Yuki (who absolutely adores Rina) and Rina (who at least helped Yuki alot) have been genuinely positive. I believe that when Rina's disposition towards Yuki changes, the anime will also show it :)