Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo - Episode 4

Last time out, Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo managed to safe itself from my dreaded drop list on account of amusing and entertaining me in some way that I can't entirely explain. Funnily enough, episode four manages to purloin more of the same to keep my interest in this show.

Right from the start of the episode, Leopard has Akiha and Honoka running around stealing things for him yet again, but when he has some time to spare he pinches Akiha's laptop to have a browse around the Internet. Naturally, the first thing he searches for is "Leopard"...

You can only imagine his anger when he finds that Leopard, the great AI, doesn't appear at all, and instead some antiquated Leopard tank is the talk of the web instead. This simply won't do, so he sends a video announcement to Akiha's school (from her laptop) letting them know he's about to steal something important.

At this juncture I assumed that the tank would be his target, but of course I forgot that this is Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo we're talking about, and thus most of the major plot points seem to make no sense whatsoever. Instead, Akiha is sent to capture some other piece of technology, a burglary which is interrupted both by Itsuki Kannagi and some powerful guy with a box on his head. See what I mean about nonsensical?

Of course, the ending of the episode gets even more bizarre, as Leopard tries to assert his authority over Akiha by remotely removing her clothes. At this point, I'd like to make it 100% clear that I was questioning the validity of this Carry On-esque plot device in my head, rather than pondering how and where I could obtain such a device. Just in case you were wondering. No, really, that's all I was thinking. Ahem.

Anyway, as I've mentioned in relation to this series previously, it's all about Leopard, whose comical "bad guy" role (pairing with Lelouch of Code Geass fame's voice) absolutely makes this series. It's hardly high comedy or the funniest thing you'll see this season, but it's just about amusing enough to remaing watchable, and Leopard's antics even somehow make the rest of this nonsensical series seem okay.

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