Thursday, 1 January 2009

Telepathy Shoujo Ran - Episode 25

At last, we move fully into Telepathy Shoujo Ran's final story arc, inevitably bringing back Momoko (who frankly has been the only half-decent "baddie" in the series anyway) to cause some chaos, the beginnings of which we saw last episode.

After building up the tension last time around, the immediate danger is diffused surprisingly quickly, as a visit to the school grounds finds Ran and Midori's teacher laying injured, having been attacked by a leopard... sorry, clouded leopard (isn't amazing how Rui can be a complete smart-ass even in the most stressful of situations?). The leopard is chased away thanks to Ran's force field abilities (yet another of those special powers which isn't telepathy that she seems to have picked up), and having called an ambulance for their teacher they then call it a day.

By the next morning, it seems that animals are running riot everywhere, not least at Junpei's house where his brother has turned into a tiger, refusing to go back to being human (as you do after a stressful day at college). It turns out that all of the animals on the loose are in fact humans who have transformed, for some long and nonsensical reason that I can't really be bothered to explain. So, the scene is set for a final episode consisting of Ran and Midori trying to convince Momoko of the error of her ways, while fending off a swarm of rabid animals who are in fact humans.

It seems that even when Telepathy Shoujo Ran tries to be dramatic in creating a grand finale, it still manages to end up dull. There was little feeling of real peril in this episode, not particularly helped by Ran and Midori's habit of magicking up new special powers whenever they need one, or the almost complete lack of real emotional depth to the story (you'd have thought people would be more upset by seeing their loved ones turn into animals). Couple that with the really rather poor animation and drawing of said animals, and you have yourself yet another forgettable episode of this series. Thank goodness there's only one left to go before I can put this series to bed.

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