Saturday, 24 January 2009

Happy first birthday to.... err, me!

"A 'Blog anniversary post is never late... It always arrives exactly when it intends to". At least, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I actually didn't realise it until today, but January 21st was in fact the 1st anniversary of this 'Blog's existence, and to be honest I'm probably as surprised as anybody that it's still here a year from now, considering how I started it up on a whim. Since then, I've managed to amass almost 600 entries, 'Blog about thirty-seven series (and counting) from beginning to end, and (most shockingly of all) people actually read the nonsense I spout on a daily basis and respond to it! If you are one of those wonderful people reading this, your eyeballs are much appreciated, as are your comments (whether you agree with my thoughts on any given series or otherwise) - Knowing that other people enjoy casting their eye over my scrawlings makes it all that little bit more worthwhile.

As I've already alluded to, I really wasn't sure if this 'Blog wasn't going to last at all when I started it, as I imagined its upkeep would soon become a chore. Thus far however, it's been anything but, and to be honest it's actually amplified my love and appreciation of anime - Somehow, sitting down to write about an episode after you've watched it really helps to bring out any nuances in a series or, in the case of something like Allison to Lillia, allows my frustrations to be poured out without occasioning physical harm to my laptop.

Anyway, to give this 'Blog a birthday spruce-up (and yes, I know a better spruce-up would be to move it away from Blogger - I did try to find an alternate home mid-way through last year, but nothing ever came of it) I've completely overhauled the tag system (because for some reason my early tagging efforts were, to put it politely, retarded) so that it all makes sense, and also added a tag browser to the main page so finding all of my musings on a particular series should now be a lot easier. I've also added a quick RSS feed subscriber to the 'Blog as well, because clicking the RSS icon in Firefox is oh so very difficult. Finally, I've given the Hidamari Sketch title image a break in favour of a Macross Frontier-inspired concoction, because a) I feel like it and b) I've finally found time to sit down and start watching said series.

So, in closing, thanks once again to all of you reading this for your support and comments and who knows - Maybe I'll post my second birthday entry on time?


kadian1364 said...

Congrats and good work. I don't often see many other comments here, but your continual effort definitely shows.

Martin said...

Congratulations on making it this far, and with regular updates no less. It never ceases to amaze me either how you can spill out insightful stuff on what amounts to a daily basis - quality AND quantity? I'm genuinely impressed and a little envious! Hard work doesn't go unnoticed, you know. ^_^

Applerat said...

Yeah, I expect most of us read but don't comment. Eh, well, at least I'm guilty of that. =X

steelbound said...

Congrats. I also celebrated my anime blog's first birthday on January 21st. :)

I have noticed that since blogging that I look at anime closer and think about it more which has increased how much I love anime.

anime2kuk said...

Congrats! Your reviews are always insightful and entertaining to read. Keep up the good work!

Hanners said...

Thanks for all the awesome comments guys! :D I feel loved now. ;)