Thursday, 29 January 2009

Rideback - Episode 3

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's time for another racing-centric episode of Rideback, and while I initially found myself bemoaning this fact ("What, another race episode?") it actually worked out reasonably well in the end.

Certainly, I can't pretend that the vast majority of said race was cliché of the highest order, with Rin struggling to perform on a new Rideback (and Fuego not allowed to take part in the competition in question due to modifications), but a change to her new ride's setup making all the difference and seeing her climb from the back of the field up towards the lead. Then there was the pair of "evil" brothers trying to snatch the win by fair means or foul in some kind of typical Dick Dastardly style, and the near photo-finish ending. Still, at least they didn't let Rin either walk the competition or climb all the way from the back to victory, which made for a slightly more sober and realistic instalment overall.

Away from that, we did at least start to get some hints as to where the main storyline is going, with the GGP looking to seize and ban Ridebacks from Japan, which will doubtless bring them into conflict with Rin and company in short order, while Tenshirou continues to keep his beady little eyes on Rin, meaning that he's clearly up to something slightly subversive himself.

As per the last two episodes of Rideback, this isn't the kind of series you should try to invest too much thought in - It's a simple and rather predictable affair, so it's best to just sit back and enjoy the ride (with every pun intended). I can't see this show offering anything too deep or unpredictable, but its animation style and blending with CG looks pretty good, and the sheer coolness of the Ridebacks keeps each episode fun and watchable, which is all I can really ask for of this particular offering.


Thingle said...

See the Lewis Hamilton style of riding beat the shit out of that poor engine.

Martin said...

As much as the predictability disappoints me, I'll be the first to complain when they try to squeeze political intrigue into a twelve-episode series. If it just turns into a short and fun B-list show about one girl and her cool motorbike, I'll be happy.

Library Wars tried to do the same thing (namely putting characterisation and political thriller side-by-side) and didn't really benefit from it, so I'm hoping Ride Back stays on a more 'personal' course.

It is a really fun series though.