Friday, 23 January 2009

Clannad ~After Story~ - Episode 15

After the announcement of Nagisa's pregnancy last episode seemed like the unlikeliest thing since the Bible's virgin birth, I suppose it's time for me to suck up the odd relationship (in romantic terms) between Tomoya and Nagisa and get used to it.

Of course, this latest instalment of After Story afforded me plenty of time to do just this, focusing on Nagisa's pregnancy and, more importantly, the subject of her health during the entire thing. Nagisa wants a home birth but her health isn't really up to it, while Tomoya becomes more and more worried about what's going to happen to her during the birth, as the sense of foreboding regarding her future increases.

All in all, not the most cheerful of episodes of Clannad, especially for those of us who know where all this is going - Oh, how I wish for those care-free, fun and humourous early episodes yet again. I can't really fault After Story for going down this route (particularly given that it's only taking us through the game's After Story path), and in a way it's admirable to even tackle it, but Clannad at its most serious just doesn't draw me in the same way as it does when it's bright, breezy and trying to make you laugh, despite attempts to inject the odd smattering of humour into such episodes. That's not to say this was a bad episode, I suppose it's just that it isn't what drew me to the series and kept me there in the first place.

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