Sunday, 25 January 2009

Kurokami: The Animation - Episode 3

After breaking the world record for the fastest heart transplant ever last episode, it's time for Keita to get used to his new organ, and more importantly the contract he now holds with Kuro, including everything that this means for the pair of them.

Needless to say, the morning after the night before leaves Keita struggling to get to grips with both what happened in episode two, as well as how important it is to his future. If Keita is having a hard time getting his head around everything, his poor old childhood friend Akane is left even more baffled by what Kuro tries to tell her (although apparantly not baffled enough to take her out shopping).

From here, it soon becomes clear that Kuro has made herself the object of interest of all and sundry (her brother included I'm guessing from one particular scene) with her previous actions, and she soon finds herself being pursued by various Tribal Ends, including one individual who is rather close to Keita....

After a stylish opening episode and a second which was full of explanations to bring us up to speed (albeit a little clumsily) on what this series is all about, this thirs instalment was a bit generic in many ways, with even the brief fight sequences not having the passion or visual sparkle to get the blood pumping. Keita's almost scizophrenic reactions towards Kuro didn't particularly help, although with any luck his moodiness will at least alleviate as we seem to be headed towards the real meat of the series. Still, being a generic episode isn't the same as being a bad one, and this was a passable attempt at keeping things moving even if it did't really live up to either of the opening pair of instalments.

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