Friday, 16 January 2009

Clannad ~After Story~ - Episode 14

Life goes by pretty fast if you're Tomoya and Nagisa.... Two episodes ago Tomoya proposed, last episode they got married, and this episode Nagisa gets pregnant.

To be quite honest though, I can't really figure out how that happened. Okay, let me expound on that, I'm perfectly comfortable with the biological nuances of how it happened, but to be quite frank it seems unbelievable in the extreme given the portrayal of the pair's relationship we've seen during this series. Now, I'm not asking that the production team of After Story create some kind of Clannad version of Basic Instinct here or anything, in fact I'm not asking for anything even remotely that explicitly. What I am finding hard to grasp however is that even earlier in this very same episode, we saw Tomoya and Nagisa virtually too shy and reserved to hold hands... during Clannad as a whole we haven't really see them lavish any physical affection upon one another, we haven't seen them kiss (as I ranted about last episode), and so the sudden jump to pregnancy somehow loses its believability.

Anyhow, I'm sure I'll get over that... Aside from the whole "I want a baby" story arc, there's not a great deal to discuss... Nagisa and Tomoya are now living together (at least they did that before she got pregnant), Nagisa gets a job as a waitress, Tomoya and Akio (in disguise as a rapper... be still my cringing heart) go to see her, Tomoya gets upset at the amount of change going on in the town, and that's pretty much it. Not the stuff of legends, and a pretty average episode of anime by any stretch of the imagination, but it's plot progression I suppose, taking us on our unavoidable march to "the sad bit" which seems to be looming ever closer.

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