Thursday, 4 December 2008

Toradora! - Episode 10

As if Ryuuji and Taiga's plans to scare Minori hadn't backfired enough by the end of last episode, things only become more awkward for the pair in their attempts to get Kushieda to fall for Minori when Kitamura overhears their plotting. Perhaps surprisingly though, he offers to help, and even tries to rope Ami into their scheming.

However, when the time comes for the trio's plan to swing into action, it all seems a little... Well, weak. Ketchup for blood and the like hardly seem convincing, and it appears that the chance to really scare Minori is lost as Ryuuji gets split up from the rest of the group and ends up following Ami instead. However, hearing Minori's screams seems to suggest that something seriously scared and unplanned is going on, and that's before Kushieda disappears into the darkness as well - What on Earth is going on?

While this series hasn't afforded a great deal of time to allow Ryuuji to properly interact with and talk to either Ami or Minori so far, episode ten offers this up in spades, which makes for a rather different episode than anything that has gone before in Toradora! - Not that it's a bad thing, mind you. All of the dialogues between Ryuuji and these two girls are eminently watchable, with Minori seemingly blatantly flirting with him throughout in a particularly sweet way while Ami also seems to be trying to wrestle him away for herself in her own inimitable fashion, regardless of whether she's being genuine or not. If I wasn't entirely convinced by Minori as a love interest before now, I have to confess that this episode has me smitten, and both her antics and conversation were the clear highlight of this episode.

So, this particular story arc has somewhat mixed things up in the grand scheme of things - Does Ami really have eyes for Ryuuji, or is she just trying to spoil his chances with Minori? Was Minori really flirting with Ryuuji as much as she seemed to be, all but confessing to him? What does Taiga think about all this. These questions, together with the undoubtedly quality and enjoyment factor of this series, will keep me watching religiously.

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