Saturday, 13 December 2008

Telepathy Shoujo Ran - Episode 23

It's time for episode twenty-three of Telepathy Shoujo Ran, and the heroine of the series is hearing voices again - Shouldn't she have been locked up in an asylum for this by now?

Anyway, this time the voice in question belongs to someone whose soul has been locked inside a haniwa - A man who is on a mission to find a new Queen for his people, despite having been dead for a thousand years or so. Normally you'd tell this kind of person not to worry and to just buy a PlayStation 3 and chill out, but this series being what it is they set out to help Wakatakeru (for that is his name) so that he can fulfil his promise.

While this episode was looking like prime two-parter material, rather surprisingly the whole thing was wrapped up in a single episode, with an ending that quite frankly felt hugely rushed and left out what could have been a decent episode's worth of material (with Ran as queen and so on) - This left this particular instalment feeling a bit like a shallow, half-baked lesson in Japanese history, which is always interesting provided you don't try and tag it on to... well, a shallow, half-baked episode of anime. Once again, Midori and Ran use their decidedly non-telepathic force field power, and once again Rui seems to know everything about anything, which leaves us with another episode that bears a strikingly close resemblance to almost every other episode of this series, which only serves to make it all the less interesting.

There isn't even much of a feeling that this series is working up to a big finish, leaving me wondering whether it's simply going to fizzle out in a few episodes time. Right now, that time can't come soon enough, as this series that promised to be at least fun continues to prove itself as possibly the most repetitive anime series of this year.

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