Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Telepathy Shoujo Ran - Episode 21

If there's one thing Telepathy Shoujo Ran needed more of, it's miserable old women, so thank goodness this episode managed to bring us one to have an entire episode centred around. Am I being sarcastic? Why, surely not...

Once again I feel my will to type draining as I reach the point where I have to explain the inanities of an episode of this series, but I'll try nonetheless. On the way home from school one day Ran, Rui and Midori come across an old lady who had almost been knocked down by some kid on a bike. To put it bluntly, she's a crazy, miserable old bat, but despite this they decide to follow her home to make sure she's okay, only to find that she is in fact a resident of a hospital.

While Rui and Ran have nothing more to do with her, the old lady's situation brings back memories of Midori's grandmother, which means we have to sit through more stories of the hardships of Midori's past. In an even more coincidental twist, it appears that said crazy old lady also had a grand-daughter who was telepathic, and she also called her a monster. Where this series could have got interesting is that in this particular flashback, the grand-daughter appeared to be a yong version of the evil teacher that terrorised the girls earlier in the series, but for some reason this was skipped over entirely. I'd like to think that this is being held in reserve for some kind of exciting and emotional climax, but... well, then I remembered that this is Telepathy Shoujo Ran, so I gave up on that train of thought.

I guess overall this wasn't a bad episode, and it did once again break from the usual Scooby Doo-esque plot devices that have become so regularly seen in this series, but even then it remained as dull as dishwater, with its sole intriguing element not mentioned at all. To be honest there wasn't a lot more than they could have done with this particular storyline, so I guess it should probably just be writted off as a passable bit of filler material, unless that grand-daughter connection I've mentioned suddenly becomes a major factory of the series' closing episodes.

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