Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Telepathy Shoujo Ran - Episode 22

Another episode of Telepathy Shoujo Ran means another holiday for Ran and company - Just how many holidays does she get off school? And how can they afford these things?! It's the one mystery I really find myself wishing this series would tackle.

Anyway, if it's any consolation at least this holiday is in fact "commissioned" by Ran and Rin's mother, who is trying to get some research done into a book she's writing about the "snow woman" - No, not a cheap rip-off of Raymond Briggs' Snowman, but a story based around an urban legend in the area the gang are visiting.

From here, things take a turn for the decidedly dull, as the snow woman legend who turns people to ice becomes a snow girl who leads people out of a forest if they get lost, which in turn ends up as a snow fox who is simply looking for a person who saved its life and gave it a name many years ago. So, fox ghost finds woman, woman finds lost jewellry, and they all live happily ever after. Awww. Yawn.

Of course, no episode of Telepathy Shoujo Ran would be complete without using the magical shield powers which have nothing at all to do with telepathy but regularly make an appearance to save Ran and Midori from certain death, and so said life-saving bubble is created here once again to defy the entire point of the series. It's exactly this kind of thing which has diluted the selling point of this series as a whole, and when you couple it with a rather weak, generic story that feels like so many other episodes of Telepathy Shoujo Ran, it's understandably rather difficult to get excited about the whole thing. Still, if you fiddle with the letters from this show's title enough you're left with Apathy Shoujo Ran, which pretty much sums up my feelings towards the series perfectly.

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