Monday, 29 December 2008

Kannagi - Episode 13

It's fair to say that Nagi's disappearance in recent episodes hasn't really done much for Jin's normally shy yet friendly demeanour, and lo and behold not too far into this episode he flips at poor old Tsugumi, complete with a shoe-based incident which would doubtless have had George W. Bush flinching.

Self-destructive though this may seem, if nothing else it at least spurs Tsugumi into action after a little introspective thinking of her own, and by the end of that day she's launching a surprising tirade of her own against Jin, leaving him (and me) open-mouthed until it dawns on him that she is, of course, right, and rushes off to find Nagi with the help of updates regarding her location on her fan message board to lead the way. Cue a decidedly emotional reunion and reconciliation between the two of them, complete with some evidence that Nagi is in fact a God after all, a possibility that even she has been doubting of late.

With all of this resolved the series does at least close with a little of the comedy that has inhabited much of this series, from a bunch of voicemail messages to the predictable moment where Tsugumi walks into the house to pay a visit at the worst possible time, complete with amusing reaction. So, normality is restored, and the distinct possibility of a second season is left hanging over us like a deliciously ripe fruit just out of reach.

Considering how its almost sole focus has been its comic value throughout much of the season, it's been really quite surprising how much emotional depth has been poured into this series over its final few episodes, a depth which has largely worked out quite well. Certainly, this final episode was almost exquisite in both its use of dialogue and emotion throughout its first half, offering up some perfect snapshots for the mental state and thoughts of various major characters. Even if all the tearful emotion in this climax isn't your thing, then it has to be said that Kannagi has regularly been a hilariously funny series on a consistent basis - Who else could make an entire episode about karaoke work? At the end of the day it's that sense of humour which has made Kannagi one of my favourite and most anticipated shows of this season week after week, so any additional depth has simply been a bonus on top of that. Bring on a second season!

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gaijinph said...

I just finished watching Kannagi last month. You're right, there are still some unanswered questions that the last episode left hanging... I hope there's a second season