Thursday, 18 December 2008

Ga-Rei -Zero- - Episode 10

After Yomi's transformation into... well, whatever she is now thanks to the Death Stone, and her disappearance from hospital, we more or less come full circle back to the events that we saw right at the beginning of Ga-Rei -Zero-.

While some of the major (or should I say, cooler) scenes are simply shown once again here, this is no straightforward recap episode - Now that we know all of the missing holes in the picture, we get to see exactly what Yomi has been up to in no uncertain terms (well, apart from when the censors get a hold of the picture that is), not least mentally torturing Noriyuki (who we learn has been working hard to find out who attacked Yomi) while physically torturing Kazuki.

We do get a brief glimpse of the tears of what might be the real Yomi before she turns her attentions to Kagura, bringing episode ten to a close in a similar position to episode two, with Kagura captured and Yomi about to deliver a lethal blow upon her - Except that she isn't the last line of defence just yet...

Given the use of what could be called recycled material in this episode, I wondered if it would all get a bit tired, but even the exact same scenes we saw at the start of this series still kick an almight amount of backside, and the whole thing is even more tense and the torture scenes harder to watch now that we know the whole back story to the show. With an ending that promises some more spectacular action and difficult decisions for both Kagura and Noriyuki, I absolutely can't wait to see what the next instalment of this series can serve now it's back to what it's proved it can do best.

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Anonymous said...

I'm very glad they showed the episode 2 scenes again (with extra detail) as it would have been harder to follow without it. Powerful stuff now that we know who Yomi is.

The closing credits and song are even more meaningful now...