Sunday, 14 December 2008

Chäos;HEAd - Episode 10

Okay, that's it, I admit it - Chäos;HEAd has finally succeeded in entirely melting my poor, uncomprehending brain. Thus, this particular 'Blog post will be brought to you by the charred remains of my head.

After the last episode linked Takumi to Shogun in a pretty big way, so this latest instalment manages to ramp up the "bloody Hell" factor substantially. Never mind about Shogun being Takumi's future self, does Takumi even exist at all? Apparently not according to Rimi, who informs Takumi that he was only "born", as a delusion, a year ago.

Takumi isn't the only one having an identity crisis, as Yua seemingly comes face to face with her sister Mimi who had committed suicide.. or has she? Indeed, who is Mimi and who is Yua? Again, confusion reigns until a Di-Sword or two sorts everything out. Everything, that is, apart from the existence for a period of two Nanamis (with Rimi attempting to save the real one), and the outbreak of absolute chaos around the city as N.O.Z.O.M.I.'s plans begin to take full effect. Oh, and the detective, who is in a bit of a tight spot himself.

Once again, this episode proves to be Chäos;HEAd at its best, delighting in messing with the viewer's head and causing them to question every single scene, for things are rarely as they seem. It's hard to really put into words what happens in each episode, as it's so filled with doubt at anything that anybody says or does (thanks to the whole "delusion" device), but it's exactly that which makes this series so compelling to watch when it gets it right and does it well. Even when the censors get hold of it (as I'm guessing has happened with Nanami towards the end of the episode), I almost find myself forgiving them for it. Note, I said almost.

Anyway, it seems almost impossible that this story will be wrapped up satisfactorily in two episodes, but here's hoping that they manage to do a good job, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be gripped by the duration of the remainder of this series. No way am I letting anyone put frog plushies on my phone now though...

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