Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behaviour! - Episode 2

While the landlady's away her tenants can play... except she's ensured that Ritsu will be watching over them all and reporting back to her, which negates any possibility of doing anything even vaguely outrageous.

Not that this seems to be stopping Shirosaki, who quickly starts to concoct some plan involving rope and glycerine... luckily, it isn't as kinky as it sounds, as his plan basically involves larking around in the garden and making bubbles - an endeavour that entrances and cheers up the depressed Mayumi, and even grabs Ritsu's attention.  Although this bring some joy into Usa's life as he gets to see some of Kawai's cute side, this joy is quickly turned into pain once Ritsu realises what is specifically interesting him.

From here, laundry day for the residents turns into a surprising moment that allows Usa to actually get on Kawai's good side for once as one of his gags hits home splendidly, before a horror movie viewing night (which again brings out a little of Ritsu's adorable side - can you see a pattern emerging here?) leads into the revelation of what might just be a real-life horror in the form of the complex's final resident, Sayaka Watanabe.

All of this combines into what is a hit and miss episode, that allows me to excuse some of its "misses" because of the genuine laughs that its good gags provided.  Aspects of the series are already looking to be disappointingly one-note (there are only so many "virgin" jokes one can take) and some of the characters can be irritating as a result, but Ritsu's personality hasn't bored me just yet and I'm continuing to enjoy Usa's acerbic humour and ability to stand up for himself to some extent, so when coupled with some lively delivery and visuals I'm enjoying more of the series than I'm frustrated by at this juncture.

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