Friday, 18 April 2014

Selector Infected WIXOSS - Episode 3

This week's Selector Infected WIXOSS is a tale of two battles - and they really couldn't be any more different...

Having finally caught up with her, Akira has successfully managed to press-gang Yuzuki into a battle - even with knowledge of her opponents dirty tricks and tactics and the ability to circumvent some of them, it all becomes too much when Akira starts looking into not only Yuzuki's cards, but also the wish that she's fighting for.  Needless to say, this provides Akira with psychological ammunition aplenty, and despite being warned to steel herself for it it's enough to push Yuzuki into making a disastrous mistake in her rage, clocking up another victory for Akira in the aftermath; a precursor to our seeing with our own eyes exactly what she's fighting for, and against whom.

Meanwhile, Ruko finds herself challenged by Hitoe - having seen her lose to Akira, we now learn that this was actually her first battle, while she admits that she's picked Ruko for her second because she "seems weak".  In comparison to the heated, aggressive battle between Akira and Yuzuki, this skirmish is entirely more sedate, with Ruko quite happy to let herself lose to help out Hitoe.  Once her opponent realises this however she isn't best pleased - if she's going to win, she wants to do it properly.  Once Ruko starts taking the game seriously however, she's anything but the weak player Hitoe expected her to be, leading Tama to her first victory and an opportunity to evolve, as her owner seems to be rather hooked on the feeling of playing WIXOSS properly.

Even three episodes in, Selector Infected WIXOSS is mostly keeping its powder dry - we're getting to see more of its characters and their motivations, and the emotional drama which stems for this, but there's clearly still more about the game of WIXOSS itself to be revealed.  It's that promise that is keeping me watching the show - I still like the presentation of its card battles (soundtrack and all), even if the way battles pan out is impenetrable, and its characters are overblown but functional, thus ensuring that the show is doing just enough to keep my interest intact for now.

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