Thursday, 24 April 2014

Nanana's Buried Treasure - Episode 3

With the Adventure Club's most important member now officially part of the organisation, it's time for the club to start doing what it was created for - seeking out parts of the Nanana Collection, via the so-called "Ruins" within which they're hidden.

Of course, it's left to Yuugo to extract the information about the first ruin from Nanana, a painful experience for both body and mind but ultimately a successful one, which leads the club's members to the middle of a crowded shopping centre - not exactly the kind of place you'd expect to find "buried treasure", but I guess that's the beauty of hiding something in plain sight.  Then again, there's more than that to how this ruin is hidden, with some sneaky tricks with mirrors ensuring that the room in which the treasure is stored is safe from the eyes of passers-by.

Nothing gets passed our master detective Tensai however, who quickly identifies the room that comprises the ruin before Isshin cracks the passcode on the door.  From here, a labyrinth made from the web spun by a mechanical spider is the dangerous challenge the trio who enter must face, and again it's up to Tensai to crack the best way to approach this maze of destroyed and reconstructed tunnels to make it to the centre and the chest containing the treasure.  An impressive treasure it is too once they reach it - unfortunately for Yuugo and Tensai however, Isshin has no intentions of sharing this disovery, instead making off with it to leave his cohorts to their fate.  An auspicious start for the club if ever there was one, and potentially bad news for the wider world given the powers that the cane now in Isshin's possession is capable of.

I'm still not sure entirely what it is (aside from Nanana herself, who is pretty awesome as ghost girls go), but there's something enjoyable about Nanana's Buried Treasure - when it isn't trying to bend itself into a particular otaku-pleasing shape and just gets on with its story as per this episode, its little, quickly solved puzzles and fast-moving nature makes for a pretty fun viewing experience.  It doesn't really have any depth at this point in time, which makes it an oddity of a noitaminA show in a lot of ways, but its visual polish and sense of fun more than make up for that at this juncture.

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