Saturday, 19 April 2014

Riddle Story of Devil - Episode 3

Now that the die has been cast and Azuma's role as Ichinose's protector has been decided and agreed upon as valid by the powers that be, the deadly game featuring the members of the Black Class is very much afoot in this week's episode of Riddle Story of Devil.

First out of the gate in an attempt to assassinate Haru is Otoya Takechi - after leaving Haru an anonnymous note of her intentions she sets about befriending Ichinose by seemingly sharing her tastes and even claiming to have a similar birthday.  Although Tokaku is instantly wary of this budding friendship, Haru is insistent that there's nothing nefarious about Takechi's actions - after all, she's befriended Azuma, so why can't she befriend all of the girls and ensure that they all get to graduate together as a group of best buddies?

If that sounds like idealistic nonsense, then... well, it is.  In truth, Takechi is a serial killer who can only be turned on by brutally murdering people - in fact, even her proposed reward if she were to successfully kill Haru is a lifetime of being protected from being brought to justice for her murderous ways.  Having tried to shift the blame for any forthcoming assassination attempt onto her roommate Shiena, Takechi makes her move, drugging Haru so that she can have her wicked (and sadistic) way with her - can Azuma rescue her new friend before it's too late?  Well, this is only episode three...

Although Riddle Story of Devil continues to be decidedly overblown in its treatment of its characters - we didn't need to see Takechi messing with a butterfly to understand that she enjoys killing things, it's pretty clear from the fact she's there as an assassin - its over-the-top drama and characterisation is actually one of the aspects that makes it enjoyable.  It's utterly trashy in its subject matter and how it plays out, but its low-rent insanity is a lot of fun to watch as it pans out thanks to the way it shamelessly embraces its base elements.  Whether that's enough to keep things moving throughout the entire series remains to be seen, but as an undemanding way to pass some time this isn't bad at all.

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