Saturday, 19 April 2014

Nisekoi - Episode 15

Now that Marika has revealed some of her true self (or at least her true accent), the pieces of the puzzle are finally starting to fall into place for Raku regarding who this latest female addition to his life might actually be.

As a result, we're regaled with the full story of their meeting that feted summer, with Marika convalescing on account of her weak constitution out in the country before a chance meeting with Ichijou led to the two of them spending day after day together, to the point where Marika's father suggested that perhaps the two of them should become engaged - something that he could pull the strings on given his history with Raku's father.  With this cat out of the bag, it's finally time for our three leading ladies to be brought together to discuss the situation - not that it really helps up the whole "lock and key" business, as Marika only remembers her own promise to marry Ichijou and nobody else is any the wiser about any other events that occurred that summer.

Perhaps buoyed by this, Marika continues her dogged pursuit of Raku, insisting that she come along and meet her father.  Under pain of death from Chitoge to call off any plans of engagement and make the fact that he has a girlfriend clear to said father, Ichijou finds the man himself to be an intimidating presence, although eventually he does at least manage to put his side of the matter across... not that it does him much good, mind you.

Besides the simple pleasures of some random Evangelion references (well, not quite random given that Marika's father shares a voice actor with Gendo Ikari), things remain as you were with Nisekoi - it really couldn't be any more predictable if it tried, but that doesn't stop it being fun watching Raku contort himself in light of the female whirlwinds swirling around him, aided and abetted by SHAFT's presentation which continues to half of the fun in its own right.  It may not win any points for originality, but I've come to realise that I'm certainly going to miss this series once it's done and dusted.

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