Saturday, 5 April 2014

Nisekoi - Episode 13

After all of that confusion, it seems that all Raku really needed to do to get the bottom of his promise and who he made it to was take a look at the photos in his father's storeroom.  With that out of the way, now all he has to do is find them.

With this proving to be a tougher task than he might have initially expected, Ichijou is one decidedly distracted fellow as he joins his group of friends for a study session at McDonalds - a state of mind not helped by both Onodera and Tsumugi being entirely too cute for his brain to handle, to an almost devastating effect in the former case of he mistakes a question about preferences in milkshakes for his preference in girls.

Having somehow avoided this, the all-important photo is finally discovered - but who the Hell is the girl in it?!  She doesn't look like Onodera or Kirisaki, and as this week's episode comes to a close it seems that we (and Raku) are about to become very well acquainted with her.  However, this isn't before we see another closing of any gap in the relationship between Chitoge and Ichijou, as a rainy day which breaks into a thunderstorm and a lack of umbrella in the former's case gives the two of them some time to talk, tease and continue to circle around their feelings for one another.

I really hope that the addition of another character to Raku's harem doesn't upset the balance of Nisekoi as it stands, although in fairness it does feel like this is the perfect time to shake things up a bit as the past couple of episodes have seen the show struggling to find anywhere to go beyond merely retreading old ground for the most part.  That ground is still pretty entertaining, it must be said, but a little of the magic is fading from the series while it's spinning its wheels like this, so I'll be more than a little interested to see what direction it takes with even more rivalry for Ichijou's affections dumped onto the seething pile of hormones already on display.  No doubt it'll make for lots of new memorable facial expressions, if nothing else.

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