Saturday, 26 April 2014

Nisekoi - Episode 16

It's no surprise that Ruri has lost any faith in her friend's ability to snare Ichijou given all of her failings thus far, but perhaps Onodera still has some surprises in store, as she reveals that the start of summer vacation will see Raku coming to visit her at her house.  How forward!

What Onodera neglects to mention is that she's actually invited Ichijou there to do some part-time work for her family's sweet shop given his abilities in the kitchen; not that Raku is going to say no to such an invitation from the apple of his eye regardless.  He's in for rather a shock once he arrives at the shop however, as Kosaki's mother couldn't be much more different than her demure daughter, straight-talking, hard-headed businesswoman that she is.  After initially showing no interest in letting a young lad loose in her kitchen, Kosaki eventually persuades her to give Ichijou a chance, and by the time he's proved his worth she's seriously keen on having him married into the family as soon as possible.

It's probably with such thoughts in mind that Mrs. Onodera leaves her daughter and Raku to their own devices as she goes off to run errands, and when a typhoon hits to leave all and sundry stranded there's clearly nothing for it but for Ichijou to spend the night with Kosaki - a prospect which leaves Onodera unable to wipe the grin off her face, while Raku just about manages to keep some level of decorum.  Not that either of this pair are liable to do anything rash - it's a struggle for them to even make conversation, but they ultimately settle down and have a fun time chatting before realising that the typhoon has veered off-course and the weather has cleared up.  An opportunity missed, perhaps, but it does at least grant Raku a chance to swap e-mail addresses with Kosaki.

You know the drill by now, and once again this week's Nisekoi was packed to the rafters with cliches and predictable events that it still managed to spin in a fun way thanks to some decent slices of comedy and plenty of nice visual touches to help it along in spite of the constantly awkward state of affairs between Raku and Kosaki in comparison to most of the rest of the cast.  I continue to feel like I shouldn't really like this show as much as I do, but to be honest I just can't help myself.

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