Saturday, 11 January 2014

World Conquest Zvezda Plot - Episode 1

Many of tried to conquer the world, but none have succeeded... until now!

Let's not get ahead of ourselves however, as our story begins when we meet a young lad named Asuta Jimon, who it seems has just pretty much made himself homeless - not an ideal situation when your country is operating under martial law, curfews and all.  This is soon forgotten when Jimon runs into a little girl who seems to have collapsed from hunger; what an unusual girl she proves to be too, as it seems that not only was she determined to con Asuta out of his food all along, but she also believes that she's part of an organisation known as Zvezda who are planning to conquer the world.

With nothing better to do than to humour her, Asuta plays along with Kate Hoshimiya's little game - but is it all rather more serious than that?  Kate herself certainly thinks so, and once Asuta is caught up in an ever-more dangerous spiral of crazy goings-on that leave him facing down giant monsters one moment and tanks the next, things certainly don't look any normal any more.  In this context, the reappearance of Hoshimiya swearing very little other than some impressive special powers could almost be declared as sensible, but regardless of his feelings Asuta seems to have gotten himself roped into something that he'd really have been best staying well clear off.

It's almost impossible to fathom what to make of World Conquest Zvezda Plot from this opening episode - it seems to have a pair of pretty entertaining lead characters in Asuta and Kate, but without some grounding into the wider story it currently just looks like a bunch of bonkers things happening for no particular reason.  Some snappy bits of dialogue here and there leaves me hoping that this will be more than just a series that revels in its weirdness in the assumption that's all it needs to get by, but for now I'll reserve any real judgement until we get at least another episode or two under our belts.

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