Friday, 24 January 2014

Kill la Kill - Episode 15

Osaka is burning, but still the battle rages on as the Tri-City School Raid focuses all of its attentions on a final, climactic battle.

But what will win the day, the influence borne of money or the powers of Satsuki and her troop's new Goku Uniforms?  You don't need to be a betting man to know where the money should be staked her, and although some of Satsuki's minions come a cropper when their opponent reveals his giant enemy crab, once Sanegayama enters the fray it isn't long before the final obstacle in Satsuki's path gets his butt kicked.  Or rather, poked repeatedly with a Kendo stick for massive damage.

It's at this point that Ryuko makes her appearance, and even without a functional Kamui she wastes no time in facing down Satsuki with a view towards regaining the final piece of Senketsu to make him whole once again.  As the pair begin sparring, things are made even more complicated by a raid from Nudist Beach - a case of "just as planned" for Kiryuin as it seems that flushing them out was the entire goal of this school trip.  While the Elite Four are left to deal with Nudist Beach's members, Satsuki and Ryuko restart their own pitched battle, with Matoi taking some desperate measures to bring Senketsu's power to bear in the hope of winning the day, with the trust and friendship between girl and uniform ultimately holding true to help them achieve their goal.  Now, perhaps it's time to learnt the truth about Ryuko's father...

Following on from that rip-roaring episode last week, the first chunk of this week's Kill la Kill felt a little staid in comparison as it failed to live up to what had come before.  This was, thankfully, only temporary, and by the second half of the episode my eyes were popped wide open once again as the show's visuals (including some animation that was actually great) and soundtrack merged around its high velocity pitched battles that were a joy to behold.  It's going to be interested to see how what looks set to be a dip into the show's back story works set against all these recent thrills and spills next week, but as of right now Kill la Kill continues to be on a real roll.

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