Sunday, 19 January 2014

Wizard Barristers - Episode 2

Self-defence or otherwise, Cecil has managed to get herself into trouble before her feet are even under her desk as a wizard barrister, adding another hefty fine to an already troubled start to her working career.

Still, while there's nothing that can be done about that, there's still plenty of work to be done for her first case in proving that Kohinata was acting in self-defence during the bank robbery.  Although they have testimony from one of his former co-workers to that effect, it seems likely that this evidence will be shot down in no time, leaving the only real ray of hope to be some kind of confirmation from the No Face gang responsible that Kohinata is not one of them - a prospect that seems highly unlikely.

Little does Cecil realise that, in spite of her superiors insisting that barristers can't play at being police, that's exactly what this particular law outfit is happy to do if required in the name of justice, and thus Ageha sets about finding out the necessary information to track down No Face before she and Cecil head to their hideout to track down and "persuade" a member of the group to come and give evidence.  With the trial on-going whilst Cecil and the No Face gang duke it out with giant robots, time is at a premium to prove Kohinata's innocence before he's sentenced to death.

Although highly predictable as a crime procedural of sorts goes (even an animated one in a world rife with magic users), there's still something enjoyable about Wizard Barristers setup and execution.  Admittedly, it sometimes feels like everything else is really just there in service of some top-notch action sequences, but despite that the framework of the show and the way it goes about its business is solid, entertaining in its mixing of light-hearted and more serious fare, and ripe with potential now that it's laid out its ground rules and set the scene.

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