Friday, 31 January 2014

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! REN - Episode 4

Nibutani is a girl with a dream - a dream of becoming the student council president.  Popular and attentive though she is, there's a deathly troublesome thorn in her side that seems set to stand in the way of her success.

That thorn, of course, takes the form of Dekomori, who continues to harangue her at every turn, leaving Nibutani's only available option as relying on Yuuta - or more to the point Rikka, requested by Yuuta - to distract Dekomori and keep her at arms (or hairs) length until the voting process is over.  This proves to be easier said than done, as even Yuuta's most convincing attempts to keep Rikka and Dekomori in his thrall prove fruitless in the latter case, doing more and more damage to Nibutani's campaign as a result.  All that might be about to change however, as another appearance from Shichimiya gives Dekomori the evidence she needs that Nibutani is indeed the mystical Mori Summer.

From here, Dekomori shifts to become Mori Summer's loyal servant, second only to Rikka - a position of which Nibutani takes full advantage by "hiring" her to assist in her campaign.  It's something that Dekomori proves surprisingly efficient at given her own popularity and a previously unseen thoughtful nature as she dotes upon her new master.  Of course, Dekomori's "affliction" is never far away, and it raises its head in public at the worst possible time to inflict disaster upon Nibutani's dream.

Overall, this proved to be another pretty fun little episode of Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions - it continues to be a decidedly average show in both ideas and story bolstered by great execution, adding a little finesse to its slapstick comedy and obvious (repetitive, even) points of humour to result in something which is greater than the sum of its parts.  As one of the season's slices of throwaway comedy, there's certainly nothing wrong with that.

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