Thursday, 16 January 2014

Silver Spoon Season 2 - Episode 2

He still hasn't got to the bottom of what's bugging Mikage, but there are other issues to occupy Hachiken's mind for the duration of this second episode of Silver Spoon's second season.

Most notably, a routine chore of cleaning up the rubbish which has been dumped around the establishment's field brings about a surprising discovery - a stray puppy.  While everybody fawns over the little critter, Hachiken instantly decides that he's going to look after it, before realising that he's going to have to get permission to allow it to stay at the equestrian club's stables... permission that's granted with surprising each.  Having never owned a dog before, Hachiken continues to wing his training of "Vice Prez" (as the dog quickly becomes known, to both the delight and horror of actual club vice-president, Hachiken himself), from figuring out how to afford food and vaccines through to training it.

Of course, university life continues alongside all of this, with excitement building for many (albeit not our protagonist) about the forthcoming school festival - a prospect that can't be overshadowed, even while dissecting chickens or learning the finer points of how to shove your arm up a cow's backside.  It's in the midst of the latter lesson that Hachiken's selfishness again comes back to bit him, as his attempt to save Kobama from a falling cow only lands him with an injury himself.

After providing some deeper and potentially darker points to consider upon the first episode of its return, this week's Silver Spoon chose instead to focus upon much lighter fare, doing a little more to cement Hachiken's character (if it were needed) while playing its content for laughs.  Thankfully, this is something that the series continues to do incredibly well, making full use of the more absurd points of life on a farm and somehow even making its silliest jokes stick.  Clearly, Mikage's troubles haven't gone away though, so there's certainly still some narrative backbone to keep the early efforts of this second season afloat, and after a hugely entertaining slice of fun I feel like I'm ready to dig into that particular story further.

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