Thursday, 30 January 2014

Nagi no Asukara - Episode 17

And then there were two.... having adjusted to live on the surface after five years of sleep, Hikari finds himself joined by Kaname, who saunters around wearing nothing upon reaching the humanity in his own inimitable style.

Just as Miuna was both excited and terrified by Hikari's reappearance in her life, so Sayu has to face the same emotional rollercoaster now that the boy she has pined after for so long has returned.  After one unexpected attempt to introduce herself to him goes awry, she swears off having anything to do with him and outwardly suggests her determination to be alone or at least simply give up on him - an attitude which puts her into conflict with Sayu, and ultimately with herself once Kaname approaches and speaks to her.

For Kaname's part, his biggest struggle is with Chisaki's current state, both in terms of her physical growth (although he's quick to point out to her that he's not concerned about that) and also her relationship with Tsumugu, which he instantly recognises as being close.  With Miuna's Ena having been revealed, and more importantly as researchers appear to have pinpoint a potential entrance to Shioshishio, relationships above the surface look likely to be parked as attentions turn to exploring the previously inaccessible underwater town to find out what has become of it.

After some stunning episodes of late, this week's Nagi no Asukara was merely "very good", perhaps mostly on account of the fact that the circumstances of Kaname's reappearance were less striking simply because of their broad similarity to those experienced by Hikari's return.  Still, Sayu's behaviour was enjoyable to watch as a twist on Miuna's own previous reactions, and now that we're returning beneath the sea it feels like this series still has some major surprises in store to keep me hooked.

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