Saturday, 18 January 2014

Space Brothers - Episode 90

The all-important next stage of Mutta's training is about to begin, but for today all eyes are focused on brother Hibito, and his own all-important test to prove that he's once again ready to journey into space.

As was alluded to last week, this underwater test for Hibito whilst wearing a full spacesuit isn't going to be quite as simple as it otherwise would be, with Butler keen to ensure that Hibito really is ready to return to action by simulating the kind of incident which would most likely see his panic disorder make an unwelcome return.  Having successfully made it to the bottom of the testing pool and walked around underwater without a hitch, it doesn't take Hibito long to realise that the warning he receives of increasing carbon dioxide levels are a "green card" designed to test his reaction to such an incident.

However, what neither Hibito nor Butler anticipated was a second warning that the carbon dioxide readout was malfunctioning, and this additional pressure upon Hibito in the situation sends his pulse soaring and the first signs of panic beginning to set in.  As the person responsible for adding this extra twist to proceedings without the agreement of his superior takes his leave in the assumption that he's proved his point about Hibito's suitability, Hibito himself is saved somewhat by a rather hefty lucky charm provided to him by none other than Mutta.

Given its importance in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't too tricky for this week's Space Brothers to ramp up the tension surrounding Hibito's test, throwing in some curveballs that we knew would be coming but made for some nervous moments nonetheless.  All of this contributed towards a simple but effective episode, that has also chosen to leave us hanging for its conclusion until next week, preferring unstead to spend its final moments on the return of the still-unfunny Mr. Hibbit.

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