Saturday, 13 April 2013

Space Brothers - Episode 53

It's recap episode time again this week (and next week too, incidentally) in Space Brothers - this time around, our focus is upon the Moon, as through the lens of Hibito's rehabilitation we look back over the incident on the moon which nearly killed him.

While squeezing all of that drama into a single episode can't possibly hope to generate the same kind of horrifying tension as things went from bad to worse to the impossibly depressing, this episode does as good a job as you could hope and I did find myself being caught up once again in Hibito and Damien's plight all the way through to its uncomfortable to watch moments before help arrives.  I have to need for these recap installments, but as a brief excuse to revisit some fantastic story-telling there are worse things that I could be doing.

I really hope that next week's recap episode the last however - I'm starting to feel a real hunger for some good new Space Brothers right now.

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