Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai 2 - Episode 1

Kirino Kousaka is back!  But first, a flashback to her and Kyousuke's childhood, a more innocent time when things were.... not actually that different at all, actually.

Anyhow, Kirino's return to Japan following the "true route" of the first season is done and dusted as we return to the world of Oreimo; not that Kyousuke can expect any thanks from his little sister for his part in those proceedings, as she's far more interested in catching up with her old friends and putting her life back together than spending any time on him.  Then again, Kyousuke has other problems of his own to occupy his time, most pressingly what to do about Kuroneko and the relationship between the pair of them as he tries to piece together her feelings for him.

Is Kyousuke is also pining for some good old-fashioned life advice session with his sister though?  You bet he is, and such an opportunity pops up soon enough, even if it isn't quite what he expects, as "life advice" on this occasion is more like "take me to Akihabara to see the trailer for the new season of Stardust Witch Meruru and then trail around while I buy loads of stuff".  In other words... Kirino Kousaka is back!

Overall, this was rather a lukewarm opening to this second season of Oreimo - it was really all about reestablishing the various characters and their circumstances into a comfortable setting and setting things up for the episodes to come, which was perhaps necessary but wasn't particularly fun (or indeed funny).  So, while I'm very happy to see this show return, I'm hoping it has more up its sleeve over the coming weeks to bring back the sense of fun and entertainment that pervaded much of the first series.

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