Sunday, 7 April 2013

Space Brothers - Episode 52

Our group of astronaut candidates are still out in the middle of the desert - so, what better time to start on some recap episodes?!

This first instalment of what I assume to be a pair of recap episodes takes in the early days of Mutta's journey from car designer to boss headbutt expert to prospective astronaut as his brother reminds him to follow his dream.  And that's pretty much that - nothing particularly noteworthy or out of the ordinary here, just a common, bog standard recap episode.  But hey, this series has been airing for a year now, so I guess it deserves one of two of these for anyone who hasn't been keeping up with the show.  Shame on them for not watching such a great show, though... I'm not sure you can really distill everything that's great about the series into a couple of digest instalments either, for that matter.

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