Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Red Data Girl - Episode 2

Izumiko might have her "manservant", but it's certainly done little for her nervous disposition even if her friends seem to be enjoy the presence of this sporty new male newcomer in their midst.

Of more concern to Izumiko is the forthcoming school trip to Tokyo, which certainly isn't her "thing"; it's a situation made worse when she receives a mobile phone together with a letter from her mother imploring Izumiko to come and meet her during said school trip.  Rather than going it alone (especially given her propensity for blowing up electronics), it's left up to Sagara to accompany her on this particular excursion.

If a flight to Tokyo seems like a simple task, it proves to be anything but when you have Suzuhara in tow, as she quickly finds herself seeing things - black, shapeless beings that seem to be following her everywhere she goes.  Although Sagara dismisses this as a flight of fancy, when the duo's meeting with Izumiko's mother falls through along with a warning that "they've found you", and their subsequent journey to her house presents all sorts of unexpected obstacles it appears that there's more to what Izumiko is seeing than mere paranoia.  Once safe, we even get a glimpse into why our female protagonist is so important to those who protect her too...

I was expecting to see a little more exposition than we were ultimately given by this second episode of Red Data Girl, but then again that isn't necessarily a bad thing - we've once again been fed just enough to up the ante in terms of the show's intrigue, and P.A. Works certainly know how to create a creepy atmosphere when required so the show remains planted in my "interesting enough" bucket.  It feels like it might be a slow burner, but it's doing a decent enough job of working with the relationship between its main two characters to add to the overall sense of mystery to hopefully grow into something that will reward the viewer for sticking with it.

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