Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Red Data Girl - Episode 3

A return to the mountains also means a return to normality for Izumiko and Sagara as this third episode of Red Data Girl begins, although of course the knowledge gleaned from that visit and Izumiko's unveiling as the "carrier" of Himegami.

Still, if nothing else the whole trip seems to have markedly improved the relationship between our protagonist as her protector, and all continues to be well for the return to school after that Tokyo excursion.  At least, all is well until Wamiya enters the frame.  Having been offered up a gift by Izumiko, brought by some of her friends, Wamiya seems to be far from thrilled by the fact that Izumiko made the trip to Tokyo - indeed, he's behaving decidedly oddly while also showing himself to have more than a passing grudge towards Miyuki.

Of course, we ultimately learn that Wamiya really isn't what he first seems, and after controlling some of his classmates to attack Sagar we get to see exactly what kind of powers he holds as he uses them to chase after both Sagara and Izumiko.  One car chase later, this results in a showdown between Wamiya and, it turns out, his creator, who shows a surprising moment of strong-willed defiance to browbeat her pursuer.  It seems that Izumiko has a steely side beneath her meek exterior, and she might just need it as we fast forward to the start of her life in Tokyo at Houjou Academy.

Even three episodes in to Red Data Girl I still feel like I'm not entirely sure what to make of it - take many of its aspects in isolation, whether it's the show's characters or the broader setting and concept, and it all seems pretty interesting, but as a whole it somehow still struggles to be as compelling as it perhaps should be.  For now it's doing just enough to hold my interest, and the skip forward in time at the end of this episode might help it, but rather like its main character it certainly needs to find a better sense of self if it wants to really impress.

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